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Overlay Bowling Lane


The overlay which is used by SES is USBC approved and available in many different designs.


Improve your score, practically avoid downtime for repairs and let your bowling facility / bowling center / bowling alley / bowling alley shine for decades with the best-selling bowling alleys ever made.

The distinctive surface of synthetic HPL SES lanes is unmistakable and there is no way to overlook the exclusive benefits for bowlers and bowling facilities / bowling centers / bowling lanes / bowling alley owners alike.

No matter if you choose SES overlay - one of the best-selling rubbers of all time - SES - the solid value selection - you won't be disappointed.

From the concrete floors upwards. SES overlay are designed differently than competitors overlay, which leads to more stable installations, fewer maintenance problems and lower long-term costs.


The performance advantages

The exclusive foundation with a perfect substructure offers excellent dimensional stability, which minimizes floor movement and leads to less stress on the surface and fewer surface defects

The only foundatioan built with LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber) backing sheets offer 2.5 times the strength of fiberboard / MFD, resulting in a more consistent consistency than wood and greater moisture resistance


Improve scores, virtually eliminate lane downtime for repairs and make your center gleam for decades to come with the best-selling bowling lanes ever made.

Synthetic Lanes

There is no mistaking the distinctive surface of SES synthetic lane and no way to overlook the exclusive advantages for bowlers and center owners alike.


Whether you choose SES overlay – the best selling lanes of all time -  SES – the solid value choice – you won’t be disappointed.

From the concrete floors up. SES lanes are designed differently from competitors lanes resulting in stronger installations, fewer maintenance issues and lower long-term costs.

Solid, phenolic construction virtually eliminates risk of delamination Bridged foul lines eliminates foul-line seams to provide greater strength

Wider, 5-foot, seamless textured approach eliminates slide area seam to enhance structural integrity

Anti-Skid pin decks reduce standing pin sliding and out of range pins

Low maintenance surface that’s easy to condition and clean, with no resurfacing program required

Natural maple image provides a bright, light, attractive appearance

Patented edge to edge and full-lane-plus-approach glow effect for an unbeatable Cosmic Bowling experience

Can be customized with lane graphics of your center logo to market your center in an innovative way. Contact your SES dealer representative for USBC approved options 

Scoring Advantages

Wide lane approach improves bowlers footing and confidence

Surface marking such as releases dots and lane arrows work as great teaching tools and visual guides for bowlers

Flatter, smoother surface for consistent/reliable ball motion

Textured approaches for consistent sliding in a variety of conditions 

Features extra panels

Covered by lifetime warranty against delamination 

Include patented down-lane markings to help bowlers develop precise break points and improve scores

Alternating light/dark board design available 


USBC approved